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Amano, Ken-ichi Conversion of a force curve between chemically the same surfaces into the number density distribution of the particles on the surface using a structure factor. submitted. (Submitted)

Ambrosetti, Alberto Wavelike charge density fluctuations and van der Waals interactions at the nanoscale. Science 1 MARCH 2016 • VOL 351 ISSUE 6278.

An, Maneg and Song, Qichen and Yu, Xiaoxiang and Jin, Zelin Generalized two-temperature model for coupled phonons. to be submitted. (Submitted)

Arra, Srilatha and Ramya, K. R. and Babar, Rohit and Kabir, Mukul Photocatalytic Activity of Phosphorene Derivatives: Coverage, Electronic, Optical and Excitonic properties. J. Phys. Chem. C. (Submitted)

Ayino, Yilikal Ferromagnetism and spin-dependent transport at a complex oxide interface. in press. (Unpublished)

Ayino, Yilikal and Xu, Peng and Tigre-Lazo, Juan and Yue, Jin Ferromagnetism and spin-dependent transport at a complex oxide interface. Submitted. (Unpublished)


Bazhanova, Z. and Roizen, V. and Oganov, A. High-pressure behavior of the Fe-S system and composition of the Earth’s inner core. Will be submitted. (Submitted)

Besteiro, Lucas and Gungor, Kivanc and Demir, Hilmi Volkan and Govorov1, Aleksander Simple and Complex Metafluids and Metastructures with Sharp Spectral Features in a Broad Extinction Spectrum: Particle-Particle Interactions and Testing the Limits of the BeerLambert Law. Will be submitted. (Submitted)

Bironeau, A. and Salez, T. and Miquelard-Garnier, G. and Sollogoub1, C. Existence of a critical layer thickness in PS/PMMA nanolayered films. to be submitted. (Submitted)

Borghesani, A. and Aitken, F. Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the O2 - Ion Mobility in Dense Neon Gas. submitted. (Submitted)

Bradshaw, David Chiral separation and twin-beam photonics. in preparation. (Submitted)

Brinzari, Vladimir and Cocemasov, Aleksandr and Nika, Denis and Korotcenkov, Ghenadii Ultra-low Thermal Conductivity of Nanogranular Indium Tin Oxide Films Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis. submitted to Chem. Phys.. (Submitted)

Bronner, Christofer and Marangoni, Tomas and Rizzo, Daniel and Durr, Rebecca and Jørgensen, Jacob and Fischer, Felix and Crommie*, Michael Iodine versus Bromine Functionalization for Bottom-Up Graphene Nanoribbon Growth: Role of Diffusion. The paper will be submitted for publication. (Submitted)


Chaturvedi,, S. K. and Zhao, H. and Schuck, P. Sedimentation of Reversibly Interacting Macromolecules with Changes in Fluorescence Quantum Yield. Submitted. (Submitted)

Clark, Matthew Free Energy Computation by Monte Carlo Integration. in preparation. (Submitted)

Cukras, Janusz A complex-polarization-propagator protocol for magneto-chiral axial dichroism and birefringence dispersion. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phy.

Céolin, D. and Kryzhevoi, N. V. and Nicolas, Ch. and Pokapanich, W. and Choksakulporn3, C. and Songsiriritthigul, P. and Saisopa, Th. and Rattanachai, Y. and Utsumi, Y. and Palaudoux, J. and Öhrwall, G. and Rueff, J. P. Ultrafast charge transfer processes accompanying KLL Auger decay in aqueous KCl solution. Will be submitted. (Submitted)


Danzl, J. Coordinate-targeted fluorescence nanoscopy with multiple off states. NATURE PHOTONICS | VOL 10 | FEBRUARY 2016.

De Sio, Antonietta Watching the coherent birth of polaron pairs in conjugated polymers. To be submitted. (Submitted)

del Real, Rafael P and Raposo, Victor and Martinez, Eduardo and Hayashi, Masamitsu Current induced generation and synchronous motion of highly packed coupled chiral domain walls. Submitted. (Submitted)


Efremushkin, Lihi Molecular Plasmonics: strong coupling at the low molecular density limit. J. Name., 2013, 00, 1-3 | 1.

Elena, Sheka Reduced Graphene Oxide and Its Natural Counterpart Shungite Carbon. Submitted. (Submitted)

Esfahani, Ehsan Nasr and Eshghinejad, Ahmad and Ou, Yun and Zhao, Jinjin and Adler, Stuart and Li, Jiangyu Scanning Thermo-ionic Microscopy: Probing Nanoscale Electrochemistry via Thermal Stress-induced Oscillation. to be submitted. (Submitted)


Fan, Qitang and Wang, Tao and Dai, Jingya On-Surface Pseudo-High Dilution Synthesis of Macrocycles: Principle and Mechanism. Submitted. (Submitted)

Filippov, Andrei Magnetic field effects on dynamics of the ethylammonium nitrate ionic liquid confined between polar glass plates. to be submitted. (Submitted)

Filippov, Andrei and Gnezdilov, Oleg I. and Hjalmarsson, Nicklas and Antzutkin, Oleg N Acceleration of diffusion in ethylammonium nitrate ionic liquid confined between parallel glass plates. Submitted for Publication. (Submitted)

Fortunelli, Alesandro and Vajda, Stefan Editorial: Nanocatalysis. Catalysis Science & Technology, Volume 6 Number 18 21 September 2016 Pages 6753–6988.

Frisenda, Ricardo and Drüppel, Matthias and Schmidt, Robert and Michaelis de Vasconcellos, Steffen and Perez de Lara, David and Bratschitsch, Rudolf and Rohlfing, Michael and Castellanos-Gomez, Andres Biaxial strain tuning of the optical properties of single-layer transition metal dichalcogenides. Will be submitted for publication.. (Submitted)

Fullarton, Claire and Draper, Thomas and Phillips, Neil and De Lacy Costello, Ben and Adamatzky, Andy Evaporation, lifetime and robustness studies of liquid marbles for collision-based computing. Submitted. (Submitted)

Furchi, Marco Photovoltaics in Van der Waals Heterostructures. IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, VOL. 23, NO. 1, JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2017.


Garcia-Fernandez, C. A DFT study of the interaction between large PAHs and atomic chlorine or hydrogen chloride molecule: Toward a modelling of the influence of chlorinated species on the trapping of water by soot. Chemical Physics 483–484 (2017) 46–55.

Giovanelli, Emerson and Castellanos-Gomez, Andres and Pérez, Emilio M. Surfactant-Free Polar-to-Non-Polar-Phase Transfer of Exfoliated MoS2 Two-Dimensional Colloids. Submitted. (Submitted)

Gordon, E. B. Non-isothermal physical and chemical processes in superfluid helium. Submitted. (Submitted)

Grebel, H. Logic Gates with Ion Transistors. submitted. (Submitted)

Grebel, H. Logic Gates with Ion Transistors. submitted. (Submitted)

Grätzel, Michael Polymer-templated nucleation and crystal growth of perovskite films for solar cells with efficiency > 21%. Submitted. (Submitted)

Guan, Jiaqi and et. al, Superconducting transition of FeSe/SrTiO3 induced by adsorption of semiconducting organic molecules. submitted. (Unpublished)


Haidu, Francisc and Gordon, Ovidiu and Zahn, Dietrich and Smykalla, Lars Electronic Structure of Manganese Phthalocyanine Modified via Potassium Intercalation: a Comprehensive Experimental Study. will be submitted in short time comments are welcome. (Submitted)

Haidu, Francisc and Salvan, Georgeta and Zahan, Dietrich Transport band gap opening at metal–organic interfaces. Submitted. (Submitted)

Han, Chan-Hyon Influence of temperature and humidity on the detection of benzene vapor by piezoelectric crystal sensor. Submitted. (Submitted)

Hartweg, Sebastian Size-Resolved Photoelectron Anisotropy of Gas Phase Water Clusters and Predictions for Liquid Water. Submitted for publication. (Submitted)

Hashimoto, Kota and Amano, Ken-ichi A theory for calculating the number density distribution of small particles on a flat wall from pressure between the two walls. submitted. (Submitted)

Hassan, M. Th. Attomicroscopy: from Femtosecond to Attosecond Electron Microscopy. submitted. (Submitted)

Hernandez, Sergio A. and Fonseca, Alexandre F. Anisotropic Elastic Modulus, High Poisson’s ratio and Negative Thermal Expansion of Graphynes and Graphdiynes. Submitted. (Submitted)

Homan, Stephanie Bettis and Sangwan, Vinord and Balla, Itamar and Bergeron, Hadallia and Weiss, Emily A. and Hersam1, Mark A. Ultrafast exciton dissociation and long-lived charge separation in a photovoltaic pentacene-MoS2 van der Waals heterojunction. The article will be submitted for publication.. (Submitted)

Hossian, Md Arafat and Canning, John and Yu, Zhikang and Ast, Sandra and Rutledge, Peter and Wong, Joseph and Jamalipour, Abbas and Crossley, Maxwell Time-Resolved and Temperature Tuneable Measurements of Fluorescent Intensity using a Smartphone Fluorimeter. Submitted. (Submitted)

Hsiao, M. Microscopic Characterization of Fracture Mechanisms in Polystyrene Grafted Nanoparticle Assemblies: The Role of Film Thickness and Grafting Density. Microsc. Microanal. 22 (Suppl 3), 2016.

Hu, Zhaoying and Hannon, James B. and Park, Hongsik Photo-Chemically Directed Self-Assembly of Carbon Nanotubes on Surfaces. Submitted. (Submitted)


Iyer, Vasudevan and Ye, Peide and Xu, Xianfan Mid-Infrared Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in Thin Film Black Phosphorus. Submitted for publication. (Submitted)


Janet, Jon and Kulik, Heather Predicting Electronic Structure Properties of Transition Metal Complexes with Neural Networks. submitted. (Submitted)

Jany, B. B. and Janas, A. and Krok, F. Retrieving the quantitative chemical information at nanoscale from SEM EDX measurements by Machine Learning. In Review. (In Press)

Jany, B. R. and Janas, A. and Krok, F. Retrieving the quantitative chemical information at nanoscale from SEM EDX measurements by Machine Learning. SUbmitted. (Submitted)

Jensen, Frank How Large is the Elephant in the Density Functional Theory Room? Submitted. (Submitted)

Jensen, Frank How Large is the Elephant in the Density Functional Theory Room? Submitted. (Submitted)

Jhingree, Jacquelyn R. and Barran, Perdita E. Ion-Ion interactions affect (re)folding dynamics of ubiquitin ions in the gas phase. Distinct folding intermediates formed via charge-reduction pathways. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry. (Submitted)

Ji, Xin Controlling the spectroscopic properties of quantum dots via energy transfer and charge transfer interactions: Concepts and applications. Nano Today (2016) 11, 98—121.

Johnson, Robert Structure and ion transport in an ethylene carbonate-modified biodegradable gel polymer electrolyte. submitted. (Submitted)

Ju, Shenghong and Palpant, Bruno and Chalopin, Yann Adverse Effects of Polymer Coating on Heat Transport at Solid-Liquid Interface. Submitted. (Submitted)


Karanikolas, Vasilios and Marocico, Cristian and Bradley, Louise Tunable and long-range energy transfer efficiency through a graphene nanodisk. PHYSICAL REVIEW B 93, 035426 (2016).

Katin, Konstantin and Maslov, Mikhail M. Toward CL-20 crystalline covalent solids: On the dependence of energy and electronic properties on the effective size of CL-20 chains. submitted.

Keeler, Werden Confocal micro-Raman Spectra of untreated and lethally treated Escherichia coli exposed to UV-B and violet light. submitted. (Submitted)

Kesharwani, Manoj K. and Sylvetsky, Nitay and Martin, Jan Surprising Performance for Vibrational Frequencies of the Distinguishable Clusters with Singles and Doubles (DCSD) and MP2.5 Approximations. Submitted. (Submitted)

Kim, Kyounghwan and Da Silve, Ashley and Huang, Shengqiang and Fallahazad, Bobak Tunable Moiré Bands and Strong Correlations in Small-Twist-Angle Bilayer Graphene. Will be submitted. (Submitted)

Kleibert, Armin and Balan, Anna and Yanes, Rocio and Derlet, Peter and Vaz, C. and Timm, Martin and Rodríguez, Arantxa and Béché, Armand and Verbeeck, Joe and Dhaka, Rajen and Radovic, Milan and Nowak, Urlich and Nolting, Frithjof Direct observation of enhanced magnetism in individual size- and shape-selected 3d transition metal nanoparticles. Submitted for publication. (Submitted)

Kumar, Krishna and Bandurin, D. and Pellegrino, F. and Cao, Y. Super‐ballistic flow of viscous electron fluid through graphene constrictions. submitted. (Submitted)

Kumar, Prashant and Cabaj, Małgorzata Katarzyna and Pazio, Aleksandra and Dominiak, Paulina Maria (2017) Protonated nucleobases are not fully ionized and may form stable base pairs in the crystalline state. IUCrJ. (Unpublished)


Lapa, Pavel and Ding, Junjia and Pearson, John and Novosad, Valentine N and Hoffmann, Axel Magnetization reversal in Py/Gd heterostructures. submitted. (In Press)

Lee, D. MWCNT/CdS nanobelt based hybrid structures and their enhanced photoelectrical performance. Chemical Physics Letters 667 (2017) 68–73.

Lee, D. MWCNT/CdS nanobelt based hybrid structures and their enhanced photoelectrical performance. Chemical Physics Letters 667 (2017) 68–73.

Li, Jinyu Proton Dynamics in Protein Mass Spectrometry. to be submitted. (In Press)

Li, Niu and Huang, Wang and Lin, Bai and Xaming, Rong Spin filtering in transition-metal phthalocyanine molecules from first principles. submitted. (Submitted)

Liu, Jian Isomorphism between the multi-state Hamiltonian and the second-quantized many-electron Hamiltonian with only 1-electron interactions. Journal of Chemical Physics. (In Press)

Liu, Jian A Unified Theoretical Framework for Mapping Models for the Multi-State Hamiltonian. Journal of Chemical Physics. (In Press)

Liu, Yue and Ruden, Paul Temperature dependent anisotropic charge carrier mobility limited by ionized impurity scattering in thin-layer black phosphorus. To be submitted. (Submitted)

Lu, Jian and Skorupskii, Grigorii and Sun, Lei and Ofori-Okai, Benjamin and Dincă, Mircea and Nelson, Keith Rapid and Precise Determination of Absolute Zero-Field Splittings by Terahertz Time-Domain Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. Submitted. (Submitted)

Luan, P. and Wu, J. On the possibility of superluminal energy propagation in a hyperbolic metamaterial of metal-dielectric layers. To be submitted. (Submitted)

LumiPedia, Electron Transfer in Chemistry, Biology, and Nano-Science Conference: August 15th through 19th, 2018. In: UNSPECIFIED.

LumiPedia, LumiPedia Förster Resonance Energy Transfer and Beyond. In: FRET and Beyond. (Unpublished)


Maia, Francisco C. B. and O’Callahan, Brian T. and Cadore, Alisson R. and Barcelos, Ingrid D Rectification and gate tuning of the hyperbolic plasmon-phonon polaritons in the graphene-hexagonal boron nitride metamaterial. Submitted. (Submitted)

Makaremi, Meysam and Jordan, Kenneth and Guthrie, G. and Myshakin, E. Multiphase Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Water and CO2 Intercalation in Montmorillonite and Beidellite. (In Press)

Mankowsky, B. and Liu, B. and Rajasekaran, S. and Liu, H. A dynamical stability limit for the charge density wave in K0.3MoO3. Submitted. (Submitted)

Manz, Thomas Comment on “Minimal Basis Iterative Stockholder: Atoms in Molecules for Force-Field Development”. Unpublished. (Unpublished)

Megyes, Tunde Structure of Liquid Nitromethane: Comparison of Simulation and Diffraction Studies. to be submitted. (Submitted)

Misura, R. Nonlinear Optical Response Properties of Aryl - Substituted Boron - Dipyrromethene Dyes: Unidirectional Charge Transfer coupled with Structural Tuning. Submitted. (Submitted)

Morais, Andreia Nanocrystalline anatase TiO2/reduced graphene oxide composite films as photoanodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting studies: the role of reduced graphene oxide. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys..

Morgado, Tiago and Silveirinha, Mário G Negative Landau damping in bilayer graphene. Will be submitted. (Submitted)

Morozovska, Anna and Eliseev, Eugene and Morozovsky, Nicholas and Kalinin, Sergei Ferroionic states in ferroelectric thin films. Submitted. (Submitted)


Nakamura, Massaki Hexapole-Oriented Asymmetric-Top Molecules and Their Stereodirectional Photodissociation Dynamics. to be submitted to The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. (Submitted)

Nandi, Shreya and Mamede, Anne-Sophie and Berrier, Elise and Paul, Jean-François (2017) LaFeO3 thin films as relevant models for the surface investigation of three-way catalysts. Other. John Wiley & Sons. (Submitted)

Nemnes, George Alexandru and Besleaga, Cristina and Stancu, Viorica and Dogaru, Daniela Emilia and Leonat, Lucia Nicoleta and Pintilie, Lucian and Torfason, Kristinn and Ilkov, Marjan and Manolescu, Andrei and Pintilie, Ioana Normal and inverted hysteresis in perovskite solar cells. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. (Submitted)

Niu, Run Controlled assembly of single colloidal crystals using electro-osmotic micro-pumps. Submitted. (Submitted)


Oniwa, K. 2-Positional pyrene end-capped oligothiophenes for high performance organic field effect transistors. Chem. Commun., 2016, 52, 4800--4803.

Oshanin, G. Active colloids in the context of chemical kinetics. in press. (In Press)


Palazon, Francisco and Mirko, Prato and Manna Liberato, Writing on Nanocrystals: Patterning Colloidal Inorganic Nanocrystal Films through Irradiation-Induced Chemical Transformations of Surface Ligands. ACS.

Palazzett, Federico Stereodirectional Photodynamics: Experimental and Theoretical Perspectives. to be submitted. (Submitted)

Papadatos, D. Yellow Light Energy Transfer Emitting Diodes Based on mixed Quasi-2D Perovskites. submited. (Submitted)

Park, S. and Nap, R. and Szleifer, I. Association Free Energies of Metal Cations with Mesylate and Acetate in Brine Calculated via Molecular Dynamics Simulation. submittet. (Submitted)

Peng, Guilong Low-cost high-efficiency solar steam generation by wick material with micro/nano particles. submitted. (Submitted)

Peroff, A. G. Mechanistic studies of pyridinium electrochemistry: alternative chemical pathways in the presence of CO2. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys..

Pothoczki, Szilvia and Pusztai, László Intermolecular orientations in liquid acetonitrile: new insights based on diffraction measurements and all-atom simulations. In Press. (Submitted)


Qi, Ruxi and Botello-Smith, Wesley M. and Luo, Ray Acceleration of Linear Finite-Difference Poisson-Boltzmann Methods on Graphics Processing Units. Will be submitted. (Submitted)

Qiu, Yinghua and Chen, Yunfei Capacitance Performance of Sub-2-nm Graphene Nanochannels in Aqueous Electrolyte. J. Phys. Chem. C, 2015, 119 (42), pp23813-23819.

Qiu, Yinghua and Chen, Yunfei Ionic Behavior in Highly Concentrated Aqueous Solutions Nanoconfined between Discretely Charged Silicon Surfaces. Langmuir, 2016, 32 (19), pp 4806-4814.

Qu, Hang and Lu, Xin and Skorobogatiy, Maxim All-solid flexible fiber-shaped lithium ion batteries. To be submitted. (Submitted)

Qui, Y. Counterions and water molecules in charged silicon nanochannels: the influence of surface charge discreteness. submitted. (Submitted)


Renjun, Ma and et al., et al. Probing Laser-induced Microenvironment Changes in Room Temperature Ionic Liquids. submitted. (Submitted)

Roberts, Allison Activity-based protein profiling for mapping and pharmacologically interrogating proteome-wide ligandable hotspots. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 2017, 43:25–33.


Santra, Biswajit and Shneider, Mikhail N. and Car, Roberto In situ Characterization of Nanoparticles Using Rayleigh Scattering. Scientific Reports | 7:40230 | DOI: 10.1038/srep40230.

Saygili, Yasemin Copper Bipyridyl Redox Mediators for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with High Photovoltage. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2016, 138, 15087−15096.

Scremin, Barbara Federica Nonlinear absorption of tetrathiafulvalene radical cation (TTF+ ) based charge transfer (CT) aggregates in PMMA. to be submitted. (Submitted)


Seo, Ji-Youn Ionic liquid control crystal growth to enhance planar perovskite solar cells efficiency. submitted. (Submitted)

Sergei, Menabde and Hyunwoo, Cho and Namkyoo, Park Localized defect-assisted acoustic phonon scattering of hot carriers in graphene. will be submitted for publication. (Submitted)

Shi, Li High Intrinsic Catalytic Activity of Two-Dimensional Boron Monolayers for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction. in press. (In Press)

Shi, Li High Intrinsic Catalytic Activity of Two-Dimensional Boron Monolayers for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction. Submitted. (Submitted)

Shi, Xiaoyang and Xiao, Hang and Xi, Chen and Wang, Tao and Lackner, Klaus Humidity Effect on Diffusion and Structure of a Moisture-Swing CO2 Sorbent. The paper will be submitted. (Submitted)

Shih, Fu-Yu and wu, Yueh-Chun and Shih, Yi-Siang and Shih, Ming-Chiuan Environment-insensitive and gate-controllable photocurrent enabled by bandgap engineering of MoS2 junctions. Submitted. (Submitted)

Sienicki, Krzysztof Forward and Reverse Energy Transfer in Langmuir-Blodgett Multilayers. Journal of Physical Chemistry.

Sienicki, Krzysztof and Durocher, G. Time-dependent chemical reactions: A revision of monomer-excimer kinetics? Journal of Chemical Physics.

Sienicki, Krzysztof and Winnik, Mitch Transient effects in monomer-excimer kinetics. Journal of Chemical Physics.

Silva, N. Pi Pi Stacking between Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon Sheets beyond Dispersion Interactions. submitted. (Submitted)

Somvanshi, Divya and Kallatt, Sangeeth and Venkatesh, Chenniappan and Nair, Smitha and Gupta, Garima and Anthony, John and Karmakar, Debjani and Majumdar, Kausik Nature of carrier injection in metal/2D semiconductor interface and its implications to the limits of contact resistance. Will be submited. (Submitted)

Sponer, J. Folding of guanine quadruplex molecules – funnel-like mechanism or kinetic partitioning? An overview from MD simulation studies. submitted. (Submitted)

Stainfeld, John ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS. Published. (In Press)

Stangl, Thomas and Wilhelm, Phillip and Remmerssen, Klaas Mesoscopic Quantum Emitters from Deterministic Aggregates of Conjugated Polymers. To be submitted. (Submitted)

Sturlaugson, Adam and Fruchey, Kendall and Fayer, Michael Orientational Dynamics of Room Temperature Ionic Liquid/Water Mixtures: Water-Induced Structure. The Journal of Physical Chemistry.

Suss, Matthew E. Size-based ion selectivity of micropore electric double layers in capacitive deionization electrodes. submitted. (Submitted)

Sylvetsky, Nitay and Kesharwani, Manoj Kumar and Martin, Jan M.L. MP2-F12 Basis Set Convergence for the S66 Noncovalent Interactions Benchmark: Transferability of the Complementary Auxiliary Basis Set (CABS). Submitted. (Submitted)


Tang, C. Chlorine and Bromine Isotope Fractionation of Halogenated Organic Compounds in Electron Impact Ion Source and Interpretation Using Density Functional Theory Calculations. to be submitted. (Submitted)

Tang, C. Chlorine and Bromine Isotope Fractionation of Halogenated Organic Pollutants on Gas Chromatography Columns. to be submitted. (Submitted)

Tang, Chenwei and Jia, Shuai and Chen, Weibing and Lou, Jun and Voronine, Dmitri V. Nano-optical imaging of monolayer MoSe2 using tip-enhanced photoluminescence. Submitted. (Submitted)

Tinsley, Mark Chimera and Phase Cluster States in Populations of Coupled Chemical Oscillators. submitted. (Submitted)

Tinsley, Mark Chimera and Phase Cluster States in Populations of Coupled Chemical Oscillators. Submited. (Submitted)

Tinsley, Mark Chimera and Phase Cluster States in Populations of Coupled Chemical Oscillators. submitted. (Submitted)


Varadwaj, Arpita and Varadwaj, Pradeep R and Yamashitaa, Koichi Organic-Inorganic Hybrid CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cell Nanoclusters: Revealing Ultra-Strong Hydrogen Bonding and Mulliken Inner Complexes and Their Implication in Materials Design. Submitted. (Submitted)

Vilcinskas, K. In situ X-ray diffraction studies of graphite oxidation reaction indicating different exfoliation mechanism than ex site studies. In preparation. (Unpublished)

Vogelgesang, S. and Storeck, G. and Schramm, S. and Rossnagel, S. and Schäfer, S. and Ropers, C. Ultrafast low-energy electron diffraction traces phase-ordering kinetics of charge density waves. Will be submitted. (Submitted)


Wang, Jue Fluorescence depolarization measurements under shock compression. Shock Compression of Condensed Matter - 2015.

Wang, Jue and Banishev, A. and Bassett a, Will and Dlott, Dolt Fluorescence depolarization measurements under shock compression. (In Press)

Wang, Qi and Pirro, Philipp and Varba, Roman and Slavin, Andrei and Hillebrands, Burkard and Chumak, Andrii V. Reconfigurable nano-scale spin-wave directional coupler. Submitted. (Submitted)

Wu, Zhenqin and Ramsundar, Bharath and Feinberg, Evan N. and Gomes, Joseph and Geniesse, Caleb and Pappu, Aneesh S. and Leswing, Karl and Pande, Vijay MoleculeNet: A Benchmark for Molecular Machine Learning. Submitted. (Submitted)

Würsch, D. Interactions between π-conjugated chromophores in a giant molecular spoked wheel. submitted. (Submitted)


Xiao, Hang and Shi, Xiaoyang and Chen, Xi Self-assembled Nanocapsules in Water: A Molecular Mechanism Study. Submitted. (Submitted)

Xiaochun, Huang and Guan, Jiaqi and Liu, Bing and Xing, Shuya and Weihua, Wang and Guo, Jiandong Epitaxial Growth and Band Structure of Te Film on Graphene. Will be submitted. (Submitted)

Xie, D. and Gao, W. and Zhong, C. and Luo, Z. and Wu, K. and Yang, C. and Liu, T. and Huo, L. and Wu, K. and Yang, C. and Liu, T. and Huo, L. A Novel Thiophene-fused Ending Group Enabling an Excellent Small Molecule Acceptor for High-performance Fullerene-free Polymer Solar Cells with 11.8% Efficiency. Submitted. (Submitted)


Yan, Yucong and Du, Jingshan S and Gilroy, Kyle and Yang, Deren and Xia, Younan and Zhang, Hui Intermetallic Nanocrystals: Syntheses and Catalytic Applications. Submitted. (In Press)

Yeh, Jen-Hao and LeFebvre, Jay and Premaratne, Shavindra and Wellstood, F. and Palmer, B. Microwave attenuators for use with quantum devices below 100 mK. Submitted. (Submitted)

Yen, F. and Huang, S. Z. and Hu, S.X. and Chen, L. Indirect observation of molecular disassociation in solid benzene at low temperatures. subttedmi. (Submitted)

Yun-Yi, Pai and Anthony, Tylan-Tyler and Patric, Irvin and Jeremy, Levy Physics of SrTiO3‐Based Heterostructures and Nanostructures: A Review. To be submitted. (Submitted)


Zappata, Todd and Struzhkin, Victor and Fei, Yingwei and Jelezko, Fedor and Biskupek, Johannes and Kaiser, Ute and Reuter, Rolf and Wrachtrup, Joerg and Ghannam, Fahad and Hemmer, Phillip Organic nanodiamonds. Will be submitted. (Unpublished)

Zhang, F. Novel Dopant-Free D-π-D-π-D Conjugated Hole Transport Materials with Tunable Energy Levels for Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells. Submitted. (Submitted)

Zürch, Michael and Chang, Hung-Tzu and Boria, Lauren and Kraus, Peter and Cushing, Scott and Gandman, Andrey and Kaplan, Christofer and Oh, Myoung and Prell, James and Prendergast, David and Pemmaraju, Chaitanya and Neumark, Daniel and Leone, Stephen Direct and Simultaneous Observation of Ultrafast Electron and Hole Dynamics in Germanium. Submitted. (Submitted)

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